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The Beginnings of the Kirk

Welcome to the Reformation Scotland website. This is a hub of information for everything connected to the Scottish Church, its history and its role in present day Scotland. Also known by its Scots name the Kirk, the roots of the Scottish Church lie in the breakaway from the Catholic Church in Rome in 1560. This event, also called the Reformation, was shaped in great part by John Knox. This emancipation was in defiance of the Crown and indeed the independence of the Church of Scotland was only recognised by the British Parliament in 1921. The teachings and institutions of the Kirk are inseparably intertwined with the history, politics, culture and literature of Scotland. Indeed, the whole character of modern day Scotland is formed to a large extent by its Church. The Kirk continues to be an influential force in Scotland, with a significant portion of the population attending church or adhering to it in some way. Here, we will be providing information on the institutional and theological characteristics and history of the Kirk, the impact of the Church on Scotland and its people, and the modern day challenges it faces. Whether you belong to the Scottish Church, take a general interest in religious and philosophical matters, or are simply curious about Scotland and its culture, you are sure to find something to engage and fascinate you.

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