The Covenanters, who were they? Take a tour and find out

The Covenanters are the Scottish people who participated in the signing of the National Covenant in 1638. The Covenant is a document that meant to show their dissatisfaction to the insistent interference of the Stuart kings in matters regarding the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. According to the Stuart kings, they believed that they had the Divine Right to the Monarch. Apart from that, the Kings also believed that God wanted them to be the only rulers of their kingdom, as well as the belief that they should be Church of Scotland’s spiritual heads. However, the Scots would never accept for a man, leave alone a king, to be a spiritual head in the church. To the Scots, Jesus Christ was the only true spiritual leader. Basically, this is what kicked off the Covenanting struggle. What follows is a bloodless invasion in 1688, a repression period where ministers sympathetic to Covenanting were “outed” from churches to the looting and plundering of the south and west of Scotland by a 6,000 strong Highlanders army. There is no better way to experience the full story of the Covenanters than a tour. fast and simple loans from Ferratum UK to fund your trip will take you to places where the Covenant sympathisers were persecuted, imprisoned and executed.

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