John Knox manor: A new castle linked to John Knox in Angus

The uncovering of a 14th century castle linked to John Knox has caused excitement for archaeologists working for the National Trust of Scotland. The John Knox Manor revealed a medieval castle, built many centuries ago by the House of Dun. The 5th Laird of the Duns had been involved in Scotland’s Reformation movement alongside Knox. The ruin is said to have been an extension to the castle, built more than 700 years ago. John Erskine of Dun had been an avid follower of John Knox, and once took him to his home and asked that he preach there for one month in 1555. He listened with keen ears to Knox’s views on the Catholic church; which in his eyes were not reflective of the true spirit of God. Knox was a revolutionary of his age, often moving with his message throughout Europe. The John Knox Manor in Angus will highlight this great mans’ quest to preach the ‘authentic’ faith, and breath new life into the century-old journey Reformation has made in Scotland.


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