Scottish Reformation Documentary: A Cross to Bear

The world is currently embroiled in a war that seems to be based on religious ideals, the war on terrorism. If you think that this is the first war to propagate itself in this manner in human history, you are wrong. The 16th century in Europe was also marked by a 150-year war based on a religious conflict between the early Protestants and the Catholics. A BBC Documentary titled ‘Scottish Reformation documentary: A cross to bear’, highlighted in detail what transpired during this era in Europe. Though the story largely deals with Scotland, it explains the origin of the conflict pretty well. The uprising against the Catholic Church began with a protest by German Augustinian monk, Martin Luther who is hailed as the father of Protestantism. The story follows the tribulations of John Knox who was a trained Catholic priest who converted to the ideals of Protestantism. The Reformation documentary gives in-depth accounts about the Lords of the Congregation and their power in Protestantism. Mary, Queen of Scot’s life, is also well documented.

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